Monday, December 31, 2012

1 Step Correction with SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut

One of the most coveted achievements for the auto detailer is the 1 step correction.  That is to say, a process that can cut defects out of paint and finish well enough on most cars to be ready for LSP (Last Step Protection - i.e. wax, sealant).  While no one process will achieve this with every paint finish we have come across a process that can do this for most cars.  SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut polish when combined with microfiber pads and a DA polisher cuts defects fast and finishes down like a polish!  No more need for multi-step compound / polishing systems!

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of this ground breaking technology.

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Unknown said...

Awesome Video recoding, the method implemented for removing the Cut defects are good and look alike brand new one. system51 perfect cut polish microfiber is new revolution or groom in the Auto Detailing field.