Monday, December 31, 2012

1 Step Correction with SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut

One of the most coveted achievements for the auto detailer is the 1 step correction.  That is to say, a process that can cut defects out of paint and finish well enough on most cars to be ready for LSP (Last Step Protection - i.e. wax, sealant).  While no one process will achieve this with every paint finish we have come across a process that can do this for most cars.  SYSTEM 51 Perfect Cut polish when combined with microfiber pads and a DA polisher cuts defects fast and finishes down like a polish!  No more need for multi-step compound / polishing systems!

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of this ground breaking technology.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SYSTEM 51 Customer Testimonial

We love a satisfied customer here at!  Here is an email from another recent happy customer.  This goes to show that anyone can get pro results with the amazing technology of the Pro Kit from SYSTEM 51.

Hi Dan,

This product is awesome.  I have a ’66 Chevelle SS that had a few flaws in the hood.  I removed the hood, repaired and repainted with base coat/clear coat, wet sanded and buffed and the results are awesome.  This was the first time I have ever used a machine buffing system and it couldn’t have been easier.  My work looks as good or better than the rest of the car that was painted professionally.  I attached some photos.



Saturday, February 4, 2012

2011 Toyota Camry Eco Detail

This 2011 Toyota Camry has very soft clear coat. This often results in many swirls and hazing even on this newer car.  Cars like this need a regular polishing / detailing scheduled maintenance to keep them looking their best.  This one was treated to a rinseless wash with Duragloss 931 and polished using Meguiar's new DA Microfiber Correction system.  It was finished off with a coat of GuruWax to give it that deep durable shine.

Before Shots:

We mixed up a batch of Duragloss Rinseless Wash in some warm water...

The wheels were cleaned using what is left over of the Duragloss Rinseless Wash 931 and a list spray of Optimum Power Clean to help break down the grime.

A moderate amount of surface contamination was coming up from the mild clay bar.

After the paint was clean, we can see the true paint defects we were dealing with.

We setup a tape line to test out the correction and show a true before/after shot.

After the paint correction was completed, we treated this flawless black paint to two coats of GuruWax to give it that deep, wet look.

The tires and trim were finished off with Optimum Opti-bond.