Friday, January 23, 2009

All New GuruFiber Series Microfiber Towels

GuruFiber 360 Microfiber towelWe are pleased to announce our all new GuruFiber Premium microfiber towel products. These new microfiber products are in line with the vision of the rest of the products available on; they are the absolute best quality car care products available. Microfiber towels can be a great time savings when cleaning and maintaining your cars perfect finish. Perhaps more important though is the fact that good quality microfiber towels prevent new scractes and swirls from plaguing your cars paint.

Weather you are looking for a quality microfiber drying towel, and polishing towel, a waxing towel or even applicator pads you'll find the very best available in our Microfiber Products section on

GuruFiber 530 Premium microfiber towelThe GuruFiber 530 Ultra Plush is our thickest most plush towel. Grab one of these when you need the security of a thick nap to protect your prized automotive paint finish. This towel will amaze you! It is more than twice as thick as the standard microfiber towel you would pick up at a retail location. The thick weave makes it a great hedge against dirt particles and your paint.

GuruFiber Waffle Weave Drying TowelThe GuruFiber Waffle Weave towel is the most effective way to dry your car. It's ultra thick, waffle weave construction is ideal for holding more water that you can imagine! Forget the ShamWow! This towel outperforms anything on the market. Don't leave that water sitting on you paint! Soak it up with this water guzzling towel and be sure your paint will not get spots or streaking.

Visit today and click the MicroFiber Products page to see these and many more quality microfiber products today.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Water Sheeting with GuruWax

One of the best ways to keep your cars paint spotless is to prevent water spots by not letting water sit on the paint. Most will dry their cars after washing using towels that can cause scratches. Even the best microfiber towels can introduce the risk of scratches.

With a durable coat of GuruWax Premium Carnauba Paste Wax, water will sheet off with ease and minimize the need to rubbing a towel or worse yet chamois on your perfected paint.