Friday, November 7, 2008

Porsche Boxter Premium Detail

This Porsche Boxter received the Premium Detail to bring it back to its "former glory".

The process started with a deep under carriage and wheel cleaning with a safe citrus degreaser solution cut 1:4. Wheels and brakes were agitated with various brushes.

The entire car was washed then with Meguiar's Gold Class soap.

There were some heavy bonded contaminants so we opted for gray agressive clay to get the paint work perfectly clean prior to polishing.

After cleaning, the car is dried with a microfiber waffle weave cloth.

Taping trim and edges is an extra step to prevent damage to vulnerable areas.

Correction was performed with Menzerna SIP on a Lake Country purple foamed wool pad at about 1,600 rpms.

Two passes were required in some areas with deeper defects.

We finished down with a fine polish (Menzerna 106ff) to bring out a perfect finish.

We applied a coat of Duragloss TPP 105 to lock in the shine followed by a coat of the all new Guruwax to give it depth and that Concourse level finish.