Friday, April 11, 2008

Joey Anderson's Camaro SS

This week we took care of Joey Anderson's Camaro SS. This intense camaro puts down over 500 wheel horsepower to the Mickey Thompson ET Streets! The exhaust note reminded me of something you watched make 9 second runs at a NHRA event! The paint was as a beautiful metallic blue with the unfortunate swirls throughout every panel. No problem! We are experts at removing these!

Spring time in the Southeast USA is no picnic for outdoor detailer (which I was today as I was performing this job in my driveway). Pollen was falling from the trees so fast that with the slightest breeze, the car was instantly covered in that terrible green pollen dust. I kept an
ONR (Optimum No Rinse) bucket with me throughout the entire job so I could re-wash each
panel before polishing.

I started with the engine. With Joey's complex Nitrous, ECU and Ignition systems, I choose to wash the engine compartment the safe way; with a spray bottle of degreaser and hand brushes and towels.

I used a 4:1 diluted Simple Green mixture which worked well on this fairly clean engine bay.

SYSTEM ONE Licorice Black nano dressing was used for all the plastic and rubber surfaces.

Next we washed the car using Duragloss Car Wash, a microfiber mitt with gritguards in the buckets.

Claying yielded very light bonded contaminants on most panels until I hit the rear lower quarter panels behind the Mickey Thompson ET Streets. Something tells me that he goes through a lot of tires on this car!

The car was dried off using a new clean waffle weave microfiber cloth.

This client requested to have the headlights restored as well so I decided to tackle these first. The lenses were in pretty poor shape mainly on the outer corners.

I started by sanding the lenses with 1000 grit paper first followed by 2000 grit. I used the ONR wash water as lube which worked great.

They were polished using SYSTEM ONE X3 polish and the wool side of the SYSTEM ONE Combo pad.

The paint defects:

I polished the car using SYSTEM ONE X3 polish and the SYSTEM ONE 8" Combo pad from a Pro Kit. This made quick work of the swirls and left a brilliant finish.

Daylight was quickly diminishing, we we took our final shots of the day as we were applying the paint sealant. We hope to have a few completed shots from a photoshoot this car will be in on Saturday after a dyno run.

More pictures to come from a photoshoot that will show the finish in better light.

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