Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Save Time & Effort Detailing Your Car

Maintain A New Car Shine In Half The Time!
You discovered the time-saving secret of the professionals! With your Ultimate Detailing Machine you can easily maintain the exterior beauty of your car, truck or SUV without wasting an entire Saturday. After just one use, you’ll cut your polishing and waxing time down to less than two hours, and you won’t break a sweat doing it!

Time Matters!
Spending your coveted weekends wiping on and buffing off difficult car waxes, that deliver disappointing results, when you could be having fun in the sun is a thing of the past. The Ultimate Detailing Machine is the answer!

Your Ultimate Detailing Machine works hard so you don’t have to. It applies safe power to polish, wax and buff your car’s ultra-hard clearcoat finish, making it gleam like a jewel again. Sure, you can try to do it by hand, but the Ultimate Detailing Machine can do in a single hour what would take you all weekend to accomplish by hand.

Stop wasting your precious time! Do it faster and better with your Ultimate Detailing Machine.

No Wonder The Ultimate Detailing Machine Is The Best!
This extraordinary car detailing tool does the equivalent of 2,500 - 6,000 tight hand circles per minute, making it obvious that you will not only save time and effort, but also save wear and tear on you.

Unless you need the workout and lots of spare time, you need the Ultimate Detailing Machine, and so does your beautiful car. Save the sweat for a nice bicycle ride. Put the Ultimate Detailing Machine to work for you and get your weekend back!

What Changed? Why Can’t I Do It By Hand Anymore?
Automotive paint technology changed. Since 1984, there have been dozens of improvements in car paint technology. The clearcoat finish was first. New technologies in automotive paint finishes continue to emerge, making new cars glossier, more colorful and more durable.

The most modern of automotive paint finishes use clear ceramic technology, making the final finish as hard as glass. There’s no way you can remove swirl marks (oh, yes, they still get swirl marks!) from this kind of finish by hand. The Ultimate Detailing Machine system is designed to manage and maintain the shine on all cars, even the high-tech ceramic finishes.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine Is The Answer!
Car care does not have to be difficult, and your fine vehicle doesn’t have to suffer from the lack of proper care. Let your Ultimate Detailing Machine put the shine back on your car and leisure time back in your weekend!
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