Thursday, February 7, 2008

1999 Black Cobra scratches vs. SYSTEM ONE X3 Polish

Lately, it seems the hood of my 99 Cobra has been a feline night club floor! I get up in the AM and get in my car to go to work and there would be tons of muddy cat paw prints all over my car!

Well when I washed the car I realized that it was more than just muddy paws! The claws were involved too! (Does anyone have a .22 I can borrow?)

So out came SYSTEM ONE X3 Polish with the Edge wool/foam combo pad from the Pro Kit.

I was pleased to say the least! Quickest and easiest polish I've ever used!

Finished off with my sealant that I am developing. (I'm getting close! It's starting to come together but not there yet... still working on it.)

Thanks for looking...

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