Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cobra Detail - PO106FF & NXT 2.0

Two new products I have been wanting to try... Menzerna Nano Polish PO106FF and Meguiar's just released NXT 2.0 sealant. We had great weather today so my 99 Cobra was the lucky candidate. It was fully compounded and polished about 10 months ago so the defects were very light. There were some light swirls and some wetsand scratches that we missed from the last detailing session.

I started by washing with Meguiar's Gold Class and a new grout sponge with a grit guard in the bucket. This was the first time I used the grout sponge on a recommendation from users. I was very impressed with it. I can see how this would prevent swirls and marring better than what I was using before (microfiber mit).

On to polishing. Like I said, no major defects on the Cobra, I just wanted to freshen up the paint and get the best gloss possible. I used 106ff with a white Lake Country CCS pad on a rotary. I spread the product in a 2 X 2 area using low rpm (<1,000) then bumped the speed up to 1,600 - 1,800 rpm and broke the polish down to a clear residue. I found nano polish to work GREAT. I was very surprised at the cutting and correcting ability in a polish that finishes down better than anything I've seen. I don't see myself using much of any other polishes after using this gem.

After polishing was complete, I did an IPA wipe down on the whole car to remove the polishing oils and to help the sealant bond to a perfectly clean surface.

I also applied NXT 2.0 to the wheels to test the durability as a wheel sealer.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

I know... I need to repaint the calipers.

Can you tell I love these wheels!?!?

I then decided to drive downtown and take some pictures at the old furniture plants.

Monday, December 3, 2007

2004 Lincoln Navigator

This truck has never been waxed since purchasing it new 3 years ago according to the owner. This was very evident the minute water hit the surface.

Wheels were cleaned with a brightener (more on this to come... check back later on this blog for more details on this product) and a pressure washer (no mechanical agitation).

A diluted degreaser was used to strip the paint via PW-er. The paint was then clayed.

Polishing was a one-step polish using Optimum Compound and a Lake Country Green CCS pad at about 1,200 rpm. (Optimum Compound was the miracle polish for me this week! It seemed like it is able to cure just about any defect from light swirls to Mesothelioma!)

We finished it off with Poorboy's EX as an LSP. This worked fantastic!

This is some powerful stuff!

This spot was damaged when the bug deflector came loose at high speeds at did a number on the hood!

This area was buffed to a flawless shine.

The results!