Sunday, November 18, 2007's 1998 Nissan Frontier

This is Joey's truck from (actually I think it is his father's truck). He booked a full premium detail including a full interior shampoo.

We got started by cleaning up the interior.

The door jams were all cleaned up using a 4:1 diluted simple green APC solution.

Sam got started on the fabrics using an Oreck hot water extractor.

The mats were exceptionally dirty with tar stains as well as the fabric being worn completely through in some areas. We hit them with some Oreck stain pre-treatment and some APC cleaner soaked for 20 minutes and then pressure washed them.

Finally we used the extractor to get all the remaining moister out before they were left out to sun dry.

Here's a little animation of the pressure cleaning...

The engine was cleaned using Simple Green APC and some brushes.

Then dresssed using F21 dressing.

Next we pressure washed all the under-carriage and lower portions of the truck.

Next the whole truck was washed with Duragloss 901 car wash using a microfiber mit.

We used Sonus medium grade clay...

Plenty of bonded containments came up!

After washing one more time, the truck was dried with a waffle weave microfiber.

After inspecting the paint we found a good amount of swirlnig and even oxidation in the usual areas.

We started the correcting by testing out Optimum Compound with a twisted wool pad.

This seemed to knock out 70% of the defects but wasn't cutting as aggressive as we needed it to so we switched to Meguiar's #84 compound with the same pad. This brought the paint to a flat state ready for polish.

We polished using Optimum Polish mixed with Menzerna Intensive Polish in areas that need the extra cut. We used used white polishing foam by Edge (combo pad shown).

This seemed to get the results we were looking for.

Our LSP of choice was Poorboy's EX. It was perfect for this color giving it a warm deep glow.

It was applied with our favorite LSP tool, a Ryobi DA with a blue Lake Country pad. This machine is very light and gentle, perfect for LSP and glaze application.

It wa sleft to cure for about 30 minutes.

The results!

Thanks for looking!