Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BMW M3 E36

I did this very unique 1995 BMW M3. If I remember correct, this was a "lightweight" version. It was fitted with a 4 point cage as well as coil overs and very aggressive tires that loved to throw rubber all over the paint (see clay bar picture).

The paint had a fair amount of swirls and some deep scratches that wouldn't be removed by this detail but may be attacked some time in the future. I apologize for the lack of before and in progress pictures, I was strapped for time because I started late on this job.

The wheels and wheel wells were cleaned using a mixture of 4:1 diluted Simple Green mix with Meguiar's Gold Class car wash soap and a variety of brushes.

As mentioned above, the paint (especially the rear half) was covered in rubber from the very soft rubber compound tires. Washing with the Meguiar's Gold Class removed most of it but after claying one panel, you could see that there was more to be removed. The claying took over an hour to complete.

On to the polishing! I tried several combinations on this paint. I started with Poorboy's SSR2.5 with orange cyclo pads on the cyclo polisher but this seemed too conservative. I switched to the rotary and after trying a green Lake Country CCS pad, a Lake Country purple foamed wool and an orange Lake Country CCS pad I switched to my go to twisted wool pad. The compound of choice was a mixture of Optimum Compound and Menzerna Intensive Polish. Some spots I only used the Optimum Compound and some just the Menzerna Intensive Polish depending on the level of defects.

The result was almost perfect in most places. (sorry... no befores)

After 2+ hours of machine polishing I went with Duragloss TPP #105 for the LSP. The customer mentioned that he had used Zaino products before and ended up having a bottle of Z8 left over so I thought this LSP would be a good base for some additional coats of Z8 afterwards.

The customer showed the car at a local meet the next day.

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Sam said...

That's a great result. That twisted wool pad seems to be the trick for ///M paint!